How to Be Spontaneous

  • Being spontaneous is all about doing things on a whim... so a rigid schedule & overall rigid outlook on life is a complete no no. You could have a basic schedule you stick to as a Plan B in case you don't feel like doing anything out of the ordinary, but do things as you see fit, and as you feel like doing them. Pay as you go. Quit your job if you are sick of it and feel like being a rock star, and become one. Follow your dreams. You can make it as anything if you want to.
  • Fearlessly ditch old traditions and ideals if deep down, you truly want to. Live how you want, live the way you feel most liberated. There is no reason you can't be successful and love what you're doing at the same time.
  • Eat what you like, and do some random form of exercise to make up for it later.
  • Do things that you've always wanted to do but held back from. It makes life memorable like it should be. Have no shame in doing what you want to do, right now. Isn't it really annoying when people are so 'mature' they compromise all their fun in life? Don't be like that. Want to get up and dance with that old person? Do it! Want to speak to that cool girl in Camden with the crazy rainbow hair? Go right ahead! Want to hug that guy in a reindeer suit? You'll regret it if you don't!
  • Watch Yes Man. He is on the right track, just by saying "yes".
  • The moral of the story is? Take opportunites. Grab em!
  • If someone asks you where you want to go, say "Hmm... I don't know... Tickletown?" and proceed to tickle fight them
  • In fact take any opportunity you can to tickle people.
  • Break the rules every once in a while. Take a risk. If there's a low risk of you getting in trouble... hell, go to the private rooftop pool party!
  • Travel a lot. Or at least, be open to the idea of travelling (in as many forms as possible so as to suit your budget.)
  • Act on a whim. If there is something you want to do, it is possible to do and you can do it in a near time... go get 'em, tiger! If you suddenly become inspired to want to write a story while out at the seaside, go buy a notepad and write by the beach! Want to make a dress? Make it happen!
  • Pull funny faces. Really whacko ones that make people hyperventilate. Invest some time in front of a mirror and keep trying until your own face makes you laugh.
  • Watch lots of funny movies and quote them regularly. Be lighthearted! Make people laugh.
  • Laugh loud yourself. And smile at people. Smile at them even if they don't smile back.
  • Always be up for trying new things. Spontaneity = flexibility, as I have said before, and you never get to know what you truly love in life without giving all things a chance. Don't shake things off as boring even before you've tried it, try new cuisine, read something totally out of character for you, join in with an activity you refused to do before, watch a movie you have avoided for years.
  • Ask for what you want, and you will get what you want. When you don't, you are left with that awful 'what if?' situation. Seize that which you desire! Be honest and live without regret.
  • Stop caring what other people think. Ignore them if they think you are crazy. Wear what you like and act how you like. After all, it is you who will be having a ball and not them.
  • Have humongous sparkling dreams & daydream, a lot. Have your head in the clouds and never come down from the ladder you're on. It is never a good thing to be totally down to earth all the time, because then you lose touch with fantasy.
  • Be ready to immerse yourself in things. If you can't take on roles, sometimes you miss out on the fun. You've got to be ready to have a good time! Whether it be in scare attractions, or if you get put on the spot by someone, pretending to be a character, you have the opportunity of dancing in the Macarena... get into it!
  • Open lots of gateways for yourself. Give yourself lots of options! In career and in the most trivial of things! This links back to your flexibility in trying things, too! Don't just pick one path, pick five! Mix things up if you can! Have half key lime pie and half lemon meringue. With sparklers.
  • Have no qualms about sharing your things. Not only does it feel good but you also benefit from it too!
  • Randomly dress up if you feel like it. Come in in face paint one day and act like nothing is.
  • Don't keep fun and gifts just for the holidays. Surprise people! Make hand made crafts, whimsical Happy Wednesday cards and cupcakes for your friends and family and randomly turn up with them.  They will be chuffed!
  • Go out and party on a weekday. Or the day you would consider the most drab. Make it your mission to make it the fun day. I know, I know ("but I have work tomorrow! I can't go partying on a Monday), but just this once? You could have virgin pina coladas instead. After all, alcohol is nice, but not the ingredient for a fun time. You see so many damn adverts associating alcohol with good times... when in fact it is not what makes a good time at all!
  • Don't dwell on sad things. Forgive and call a truce with as many people as you can you aren't on good terms with and wish you were, or remove them out of your life. Learn to love yourself. Change and adapt your life for the better. Stop an argument in its tracks when you hear it happening. Start making progress in sorting out your bad habits. Focus on finding things that stimulate your mind to be more productive, and things that make you smile.
  • Arrangements to meet or see the people you admire the most in the whole world. Make them. Now.
  • If you see a great hiding place, hide in it. And then jump out and scare people!
  • Whenever no one is available, do things alone. Take yourself out for dinner and a film, and feel no shame!  Honestly I never think it is sad when I see people doing this, I think it is inspiring and wonderful they are being so self empowered!
  • Do nice things for people without expecting anything in return, that way you can't be disappointed.
  • When passing a large pet shop... go inside and talk to all the cute animals!
  • Call up old friends and invite them out to interesting events that might be on local to you.
  • Write a big list of things of the enjoyable stuff that you miss doing as a kid and do them! Jumping on bouncy castles, creating pillow dens, watching silly cartoons, playing Jenga, making insane pizzas, whatever!
  • Let people take your photograph. The more pictures you have, the more likely you'll get one you like, (especially if you're camera shy)! Crazy photos are awesome to remenisce over in a big fat photo album.
  • See things live - plays, concerts, wilde and wild safaris. Breathe the outside air. Walk everywhere. Get out more. See the toadstools!
  • Finally, stay quirky. Never compromise to fit in. It might cost you a little in terms on not being part of a herd, but you'll find your own flock, I promise, and that is the greatest reward of all. You will experience the wonder of finding those people who share your dreams and interests and love of tangerine platform creepers you never thought would exist. You keep on writing those weird quirky diaries, constantly wearing thigh high striped stockings and sticking crocodile stickers on your forehead.


  1. This is so cute and inspiring, it made my day :)
    And that Emilie pic is adorable!

  2. Claire - What a wonderful comment! Y'know I couldn't wish for better readers :)