Knaresborough Adventure (Half Incomplete)

We went on a small adventure to Knaresborough today & might I mention that like virtually all places we visit, it was magical all in its own sweet, quaint and picturesque way? They had town criers out in the centre today, church bells singing on the air,  checkered black and white buildings, friendly tomcats, a castle ruin with colossal, glossy black pet ravens sat on the edge (one was called H.M. Raven Gabriel ahaha!) the most beautiful viaduct you'll ever see, and a wood as well.

Sadly my camera died half way through the journey (*_*) <--- (this was my expression) so I can't show you the castle or the viaduct or the ravens, but maybe next time?

Hope you all had a nice weekend, Stitchearts!


  1. The photos in the woods are awesome!!!!!!