R.I.P Tom Spindler Presents

Actually, I read about this just yesterday on Tom Spindler's Facebook page, and I was really shocked by it, purely because I was really getting into scare attractions & had known about TSP for a while.

From what I have read about Tom Spindler Presents, it sounded like such a fantastic company with amazingly creative productions, and I think it is such a shame to have to see it go.  Honestly, I was really gutted I never got to see any of his attractions purely because I did not have the money or means to just pop down to London in the time I knew about him & his company. But, I can only assume Tom Spindler himself has moved on to bigger and better things (which he obviously deserves).

As scare attractions go in the UK, they have really taken off over here & he was a big name in the scare attraction industry. Maybe, we'll see him resurface again one day. Or at least, I hope so.

R.I.P Tom Spindler Presents, you will be missed!

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