Start!: 365 Days Photography & Music Challenge

Day 1/365  (11th August 2011)
Lost - Katy Perry

"Can't find the way, cause the way is gone
So if I pray,

Am I just sending words into outer space?"

Ok, this is the beginning of what will be hopefully a year long project so long as I don't let it kick my ass or something. I've seen the 365 photo challenge flitted around Flickr, & I decided to do it, with added meowsik, since I am now near constantly taking pictures & have been obsessively into music for as long as I can remember.  Since this is my base of operations, I decided to do the challenge here as opposed to on Flickr because I can only have a limited amount of images on there.

 Ciao! Stitchearts, hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

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