Style Tips: Ginger Fitzgerald

  • Clumpy black military ankle boots
  • Long drapey black skirts
  • Black studded dog collars
  • Roomy black hoodies
  • White streaks in your hair
  • Lots and lots of different ear piercings all over your ears
  • Long dark green and purple red woolly cardigans
  • Bird skull necklaces
  • Take up the hobby of photographing yourself, dead, in different scenes.
  • Grey mid length skirts
  • Knee length lace up combat boots
  • Khaki t-shirts
  • Lots of black string necklaces
  • Red and black striped tights 
  • Overlaying long sleeve black lace tops
  • White lace camisole dress
  • Oversized black & grey coats
  • Long sleeved wine colour tops
  • Listen to KoRn, Rob Zombie & She Wants Revenge
  • Long brown knitted scarved
  • White high heeled ankle boots
  • Blue striped socks
  • Long sleeved black tops overlaying grey & blue vests
  • Long sleeved khaki tops
  • Read books on occultism & lycanthropy
  • Subtle fake fangs
  • Silver contact lenses
  • Dye your hair red, or so that it has a dark red tint


  1. Ginger is just, the best. Ginger Snaps is one of my favourites!

    Nice list!

  2. Oh, because of Ginger I began to dye my hair red! Love.