Style Tips: Hannah Fury


  • Draw stitch marks around your wrists/neck in pen
  • Speak in whispers
  • Drink raspberry tea /strawberry milk out of white teacups
  • Dye your hair white or grey
  • Pink satin gloves
  • Wear old wedding dresses
  • Lilac flowers & pink roses in your hair
  • Black victorian blouses
  • Pearls and red ribbons
  • Go on long, lonely seaside walks
  • Candyfloss pink ruffs
  • Work in a travelling carnival as a stall vendor
  • Become a bookworn, read Nancy Drew & many romance novels,
  • Attempt to summon spirits & dabble in the occult
  • Play the piano in the dark in thunderstorms
  • Wear rusted vintage jewellery
  • Listen to Kate Bush, Imogen Heap & the lady herself
  • Lots and lots of white lace
  • Pale pink shirts
  • Make white, pink, and red your main colours. All the rose colours!
  • Dark eye make up, pale foundation & deliberately bold circular blusher, like a doll.
  • Delicate pastel & pale white ballerina flats.
  • Ripped white lace tights & stockings. 
  • Make friends with the trees & the wraiths in the nearby wood.