York - Haunted and Haunted Live & Xtreme Review

On Sunday the 28th of August, I visited Haunted (the haunted house attraction in York) and Haunted Live & Xtreme, with two other family members. To begin I shall say they were both fantastic, I really enjoyed them & they were both nerve wracking things to visit.

Eerie and extremely quiet inside despite being sat in bustling York, the house alone is a sinister setting - for most of the tour the rooms are almost in complete darkness. In all honesty I think I felt more frightened by my own imagination in the dark than the scare attraction that followed the house tour! You hear a great deal of complaints on Trip Advisor and the likes, about the audio recordings in each room that guide you around the house. Personally, I thought the content was very interesting (and I have heard much worse on pre recorded tours, believe me).

Positive points over other historical properties that stand out to me is that there is no set pace at which you have to walk around the house, it is entirely at your own leisure, you see an extensive amount of the rooms, you can take pictures and you can also sit on and/or touch all of the furniture - which is something I cannot say about all of the English Heritage and National Trust properties I have visited. My only complaint would be that it is extremely stuffy so I definitely felt the crushing feeling on my chest and head, and not down to the ghosts, but to the lack of fresh air. It wouldn't be a bad thing either opening windows or having air conditioning - a cold atmosphere brings images of ghosts & the presence of the undead to mind anyway.

Onto - Haunted, Live & Xtreme. To begin, I wouldn't say it was extreme or truly horrifying, but I definitely found it memorable & had a good laugh on this. There are improvements to be made here, yes, but one thing I cannot knock is that the actors played their characters well, were humorous & this was the most interacted with I have ever been in a scare attraction. Which, was down to how intimate the attraction was - I went in only with my two other family members as a group of three (the max amount allowed was a group of 4), the rooms were snug to say the least, with the exception of the seance room, and there was one to two actors per room that we were guided through.

If I'm being really picky, jumpy scares really were not so prominent where they could have been, and I think the use of strobe lighting would have perhaps been better if used in the masks room as opposed to the smaller mirror room? (Just so that the actor present could have moved about and use this feature to their advantage).

The plotline of the attraction wasn't completely mystifying, but was a little confusing.  Most of the dialogue discussed along the lines of the master & his minions that he perhaps was supposed to be summoning?  Hmm, upon reflection, to bring it all together I think the attraction was missing some sort of climax. Like actually having a summoning room where the demons of hell were truly 'brought forth' and unleashed and people dived out from behind things? (The master himself/his setting seemed slightly understated for what he was supposed to be doing).

The monk with a tealight was the only actor that stood out to me that could have been more effective at scaring, as he just wandered about muttering - although there was one point at which he just sat there with his face completely obscured by darkness, and I felt really apprehensive about what he might do. Everyone else, though, were into their roles, raring to go & made me laugh a lot, especially out of nervousness.  In terms of good scares I think the final room, the seance room, was the scariest - the guy in there was rocking everyone back on their chairs, and whispering in their ears and I still start laughing when I think about it!

Despite thinking it perhaps needs a few tweaks to improve, I can't say I didn't enjoy myself & laugh about my experience there every time I remember it, it was good for what it was. 10/10 guys, I had a fantastic time, and I am so pleased I had a chance to visit this attraction.

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