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The lovely Bathory Doll has awarded me with Blogger Luxury, which I am absolutely thrilled about, as I was starting to feel really bad about how I have not really done many word based posts for a while (because of being so busy/having writer's block, but we all have it).

So, I have to write seven random facts about me, right? Here goes.

  1. One of my favourite things ever is going on adventures. Especially at night, in the rain. I resent being stuck inside. 
  2. Scare attractions, dressing up as a monster, and horror movies is my life right now. Seriously. Instead of celebrating my birthday, I am just doing stuff at halloween this year.
  3. My real favourite 'colour' before purple, is dark iridescence/opalite
  4. I a huge fan of Sex and the City, even though I dislike most of the characters (especially Carrie) & the messages they promote.
  5. I don't find babies cute. Deal with it. I don't hate children, but I honestly do not see myself as a family (killer clown) woman wielding armfuls of carry cots like shopping bags. It annoys me when people say I will have kids, or talk like I will do, but I try to keep it to myself. 
  6. My favourite music right at this moment is the soundtrack to Donnie Darko. My music tastes (and tastes in general) are constantly changing, (hence the reason I no longer conform to labels, as well as the fact they are utterly stupid and superficial)
  7. I don't like people using their iPhones constantly in public, but you know what I find the absolute epitome of bad manners? People using their iPhones, eyes glued to the screen, when they are f-cking right in front of me, having a 'conversation' with me. Jesus, when did you evaluate that as acceptable behaviour in your head? Are young people slowly turning into robots connected to the wireless network, detached from reality? Note to the people that do this to me - while I'm stood there, while YOU are blatantly ignoring me - I am actually thinking about smashing that damn iPhone in your face, and repeatedly punching you in your face. Get some manners, you ignorant f-ckwit. End rant.
"Don't you ever turn your back on a fucking clown when he's talking to you!"

I am awarding five blogs, not fifteen.
Love you all, Stitchearts. Have a wonderful weekend ;)

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