Day 45/365

As I turn a year older next week on a working day (boo) I ended up celebrating this weekend instead. Today I went to Blackpool & visited the Blackpool Tower Dungeon + Pasaje del Terror. I absolutely loved them both. The sets in Pasaje Del Terror were so atmospheric, and just fantastic. It was that good, I went around twice to take them in! And the people were so terrified every time! A few of the best lines I heard were 'Oh fuck, it's Michael Myers!' and 'Please do not touch anybody, or they may touch you' which then a woman replied to 'Well, there's an offer!'  

The actors also work the scares really well, so that no matter where you place yourself in the group (I tried out both directly at the front and back) you will be made to jump as some point. Blackpool Tower Dungeon is one of the best of the Dungeons I've visited. The actors, collectively were the best so far, anyway.

My 45/365 is the end picture that I took while waiting in traffic before we even really set off.

 "Frame by frame...
Red speed ahead.
A city dissolving, the thread of your love in the headlights"
- Closing In, Imogen Heap


  1. crazy awesome, wish i could be there!

    1. And Manic Minx, I see everything you've written many years later and your account is deactivated -.- I'm so sorry. Thank you for all your kind comments!