Day 76/365 & Full Scareshow at Church Farm Review - Day 8/Th13teen

                                  The first scare attraction of the season I visited was the Fear version of Scareshow at Church Farm over in Wirral. In a short summary, Scareshow was quite good overall; however could use a few tweaks here and there to make the general experience more frightening overall.  Scareshow consisted of two mazes & a forest walk (Haunted Hayride, Creepy Cottage & Nightmare Circus), with a theme of an infectious ‘virus’ running through each part. Of the whole attraction, my favourite part was the Creepy Cottage (which my group agreed with) due to the more intimate nature & sense of panic which that created.  Scareshow utilised what seemed to be the inside of a barn for this attraction and incorporated some very interesting features (I shan’t spoil too much for anyone who hasn’t yet visited, but, for example the caged low ceiling was brilliant).

                         Scares, I feel, were missed in the Haunted Hayride mostly due to the slightly larger than average group size. Also I do believe the naming for this ride is quite misleading, as this part of Scareshow was not a generic ‘haunted hay ride’ at all – more of a ‘tractor return ride to a scary forest walk and back’. There were no scares on the journey to or from the forest. When we reached the forest destination and departed into the woods before us. The setting could not have been more immersive once we left the truck driven carriage; extremely atmospheric - dark, woody, and disguised actors very well. The forest walk itself was beautiful & it was clearly well thought out. Actors frequently shone bright lights in everyone’s faces - which was quite disorientating to say the least, since apart from the lights, all there was to see was complete darkness.  We went through as a group of around 30 people, if I remember correctly, and it really removed any consistent sense of danger – which could be a good feature if you are taking someone who is new to scare attractions.  

After leaving the Haunted Hayride we immediately began queuing for the Creepy Cottage. Our group consisted of four people and we were instantly ushered through the entrance to venture on alone.  The interior had a gritty feel to it, with debris scattered around the floor, as our group navigated our way around what seemed to be a research facility gone wrong. This was the most effective of the three mazes due to the more controlled group size, and despite the few actors that were inside, they really knew how to work their corners & it still proved to be very scary indeed.  Our group ran out laughing hysterically, anyway.

Nightmare Circus looked promising – I thought the costumes looked much better than I expected & the actors at the entrance were quite unusual, especially the Ringmaster who looked on first glance like a woman. The maze itself however, could have done with being much darker (maybe by being roofed?) mainly because actors were visible even before they had chance to scare us, & there wasn’t much setting to see aside from the bare wooden panels separating the different parts of the maze. Despite all that it was still quite good & the actors did manage to give us a few scares.

In comparison to some of the other scare attractions I have visited, it was a little tame, but it was a good transition back into the scare attraction season and is perhaps more suitable for people who have never visited scare attractions before.

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