The Halloween Things To Do List - Day 2/13

  • Go to London, go dining in the dark, go to the London Bridge experience and the Tombs, London Dungeons, Ghost Bus Tours, (London will have lots of things to do, so there may be many many one off attractions going on when you go). I would have recommended Tom Spindler but sadly he decided to resign from the scare attraction industry a few months back (*sad face*)
  • Bake a giant themed tiered cake. For instance a Corpse Bride themed cake in black & blue stripes, a Nighmare Before Christmas black & brown striped cake, or a Th13teen black and green striped cake. Halloween is the best time for baking experimentation, in my opinion. 
  • Have a Wraith Absinthe Cocktail party. (haha)
  • Go to Alton Towers, stay in a haunted room, go on the scare mazes, ride the rides at night.
  • Go overseas. Go to Terenzi Horror Nights, Halloween Horror Nights and Knott's Scary Farm.
  • Visit Disneyland at Halloween.
  • Have a midnight picnic with fairy lights (somewhere safe, in your backyard if possible, or it could be indoors).
  • Make insane toffee apples and giant black & orange swirly lollipops
  • Do an amazing costume dress up. I mean really go for it. Contacts, wig, accurate costuming, face make up, even act like the character you're taking on.
  • Go out on a woodland walk in costume.
  • Have a J-Horror marathon.
  • Volunteer/work in a scare attraction for the month as a monster.
  • Do artistic pumpkin carvings.
  • Make your home like the set of your favourite horror movie & dress up as a character from it. For example, Dead Silence. Have velvety red drapes, cobwebs everywhere, dimmed lights, dolls, candelabras/fake candles, and dress up as Billy/Mary Shaw or one of their victims.
  • Or you could make your home like an evil circus/circus dressing room, make carnival bunting that look like triangle cutouts of people's faces, clown & venetian masks, scary dolls, mannequins dressed like crazy clowns, dress up as an evil clown/circus act, create creepy posters, hang fake heads from the ceiling, gramophones, weird newspaper clippings on the wall, red/green candyfloss, Midnight Midway CD by Michael Hedstrom playing. (I'll have to keep adding to this as I get ideas)
  • Host a Halloween party with a specific theme like I just suggested for decorating your home. When planning, think about setting, dress code, activities, food & ambience/music, and what age group you're looking at. If its mostly younger people playing the Exorcist in the background probably wouldn't be a good idea. 
  • Set up your own scare attraction! 
  • Or scout out all scare attractions near you and go to them all. Always keep an eye out for indie/smaller attractions too!
  • See a scary play. If you're based in Canada, Ghost Stories is still in Toronto for a while, but there are others for the rest of us, such as the Woman in Black.
  • Watch a scary movie at the cinema at the latest time possible.
  • Listen to the soundtracks of your favourite horror movies
  • Have candles everywhere
  • Watch Psychoville, Goosebumps & Halloween episodes of the Simpsons
  • Go Halloween deco shopping
  • Get a fog/smoke machine and make your house all nice and mysteriously misty.
  • Paint your nails Halloween themed.
  • Wear stripy socks all the time.
  • Dress your pet up.
  • Use Soak & Float by Lush. It smells like haunted houses!
  • Take pictures of death scenes involving yourself and/or friends, like in Ginger Snaps.
  • Bread body parts! God, I don't think I would be able to eat these. They look too real!
  • Go to Highgate Cemetary in London.
  • Hold a seance/have a go on a ouija board
  • Go on a ghost walk
  • Ideally America is the place to be when it is Halloween and you want to visit scare attractions. There are tons of scare them everywhere!
  • Wear eye make up inspired by your favourite horror movie/halloween related animal.
  • Carry around a lantern with a tea light inside.
  • Go on a Haunted hayride.
  • Visit somewhere local to you at night, for example National Trust properties open at night for Halloween, or maybe some museum. Have a look at what is on, local to you!
  • Go to a spooky themed restaurant, for example the Hellfire Club, or Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York.
  • Go to Japan, dress up like a gurololi, go to the Sega Joypolis and go into the quirky little haunted houses there, Fuji-Q's Haunted Hospitatl, go visit the locations in the Grudge,
  • Go on late night drives through the countryside.
  • Take lots of pictures of spiders and make a spider photo collage.
Happy October Stitchearts - & I hope all this dreadful hot weather goes away soon so it can be cold and spooky for Halloween!

Also, on a side note, I have changed the name of my blog to Karnaval Bergaris Mata - which means "the Striped Carnival of Eyes" in Indonesian. I decided it was more relevant to the blog content than Click Click Went the Needles, since I've not really done many sewing/fashion projects since I started blogging.


  1. Great list! I would love to go to a scare attraction but it seems like all the ones in Cincinnati are too scary for me (I'm lame). I'm not really sure how to go about finding one of moderate scariness.

  2. The ultimate Halloween bucket list! I love it!