Farmageddon 2011 Review!

On Saturday 29th of October we drove out to Ormskirk to visit Farmageddon . After hearing not so sterling reviews despite its impressive look, & it being probably the busiest possible day to visit a scare attraction, I did not have my hopes up. But by the end of the evening I was completely blown away!

Farmageddon consists of three scare mazes, Psychosis, InsaniTy and Terror on the Farm -all of which are equally terrifying and well crafted in terms of sets. In every maze, the sets were brilliantly versatile in themes, really creative and thorough with detail. Probably the best I’ve seen out of all of the attractions I visited in terms of attention to detail, actually. It was extremely obvious this was a well invested in operation.  The environments seemed very unrestricted in the way they were set out, and how you navigated through them, which only added to the realism – as if you were actually walking through a real asylum ward or operating theatre!  Also, the costumes were good quality - no cheap Poundland masks to be found here!

Psychosis probably had to be my favourite maze, as it had clown and circus themes, with one part leading up to an eerie attic that held both a shocking and funny surprise in store (I shan’t ruin it for you!). But truly, all of the mazes were all just as well executed and immersive as each other.  InsaniTy had you walking around a mental hospital with an electric chair beginning, navigating around flailing patients poised to strike atop bunk beds, and Terror on the Farm was a mishmash of different unnerving scenes, it even seemed jungle like in places! The actors really took on their roles splendidly and no matter where you were situated in the train of visitors (the group size on average for each maze ranged from about 5-10 people) you weren’t exempt from being picked on at least a few times by monsters!

The queue system here is excellently and effectively managed; our group practically went straight from one maze right onto another, and managed to get to the front each time. There were no problems with groups catching up to each other, as activity inside the mazes seemed to be monitored. Outside the mazes, actors circulate the queues and wander around the grounds so that customers, even when waiting, are constantly on edge. Also, there are photo opportunities outside the mazes with actors, which I thought was a nice feature.

Despite there being a no touch policy actors still managed to scare me & the continuity of terror was splendidly executed during and between mazes – I really commend the actors and the creators for such magnificent sets & effort in scaring! Especially the chainsaw men at the end of Insanitorium who persisted hacking at us all until we ran off!
Even though the queues were initially quite long, once you entered the park, with dancers in windows (much in the style of From Dusk Till Dawn), loud rock music and wandering psychotic clowns and nurses, the wait just seemed to be gone in no time at all.

Overall Farmageddon was one of the best scare attractions I visited this season, which in all honesty I was not expecting after reading so many negative reviews about it. I am so glad we booked in advance & were able to attend this year, as tickets sell out so fast – it’s no wonder why! As you can tell from my enthusiasm I was really surprised by how good this visit was, and I would definitely, definitely return to this event.

Reviewed by Abigail Lewis
Overall Rating: 10/10

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