CarnEvil of Horrors Review @ the Winter Gardens, Blackpool

On Wednesday the 15th February, we drove out to visit Atmosfear’s latest production in Blackpool. Carnevil of Horrors was a walk through open top scare maze similar in style to Atmosfear’s many past indoor mazes, based inside the Blackpool Winter Gardens, and themed on, as you may have guessed; a carnival of all that is dark and frightening! We visited in the early afternoon and managed to go through as just our group of three, so it was interesting to see how the actors dealt with such an intimate audience, but I thought they all held their ground and stayed in character very well.  

Although there were a couple effective startle scares (for example, in the dots room), they were very minimal - this attraction was more centred on characters storytelling (which unfortunately was made almost inaudible with the background music & noise on certain characters such as Valentino Diablo) and seemed to be focused more on a family audience. It certainly was tame in comparison to other scare attractions I have visited, so this might be an attraction that is more suitable for newcomers or younger visitors. However it was entertaining, there was a variety of characters to witness, including a snake woman, a ventriloquist dummy and his ‘mother’ (much in the style, I thought, of the James Wan film, Dead Silence), there was also a good dash of humour in the strange and eerie fortune teller, and of course a few evil clowns, as what nightmare circus or carnival would be complete without them?

The set was very atmospheric; winding passageways covered in red draping on both sides, psychotic clown themed dolls and masks peeping out of every crevice and a sinister circus freak waiting to meet us around every darkened corner. Unfortunately the lighting, since the maze was open top, gave a few hiding monsters away, but the man in the spotted suit managed to give all our group a shock! Somehow I managed to have my neck cut through with a blade by Valentino Diablo, and strangely enough, is a recurring incidence for me in visiting scare attractions which I find quite alarming, I must admit.

Overall, my experience at Carnevil has reinforced that Atmosfear’s attractions, although fun to experience, are more suitable for a younger audience & rather than people looking for hardcore scaring.

TA Rating: 6/10

Reviewed by Abigail Lewis


  1. Great to see another post from you :3 I missed your posts for a long time. Especially your photography.

    I've never visited a scare attraction before, mostly because there aren't any in my area and I can't afford to travel. :c I plan to visit many when I can.

  2. Hi! Aww I'm sorry I've been away so long. College has taken over my life, I haven't had much chance to edit my recent pictures :( I'll try to upload more :)

    1. God, don't I know the feeling xD I started my first year of college in September and it's really taking over everything. There are times when I feel like I haven't had any free time for ages. And soon exams are coming up which is only going to mean MORE work!