February London Trip

This February just gone somehow managed to entail a random trip down to London amidst reams of coursework. It was an adventure indeed, and we covered a lot of ground, but since we were up so very early (3am! the witching hour) it made the visit, at points, indistinguishable from some surreal dream.

However, I managed finally to take my mother to see the V&A museum, which, I must again stress, is absolutely phenomenal by the way! (especially if you're a bit of an architecture nut, like me)
Since I don't remember writing much about it from last time, I managed to visit some new sections this time around, glassware, Korea, Japan, China, and went into the bit with the huge architectural pieces from cathedrals and what not. It really is awe inspiring how huge and detailed the arches and colums are in there!

Unfortunately this time around I had no shopping haul as there wasn't much difference in stock from the last time I visited Camden Stables Market, and I was simply too tired to really concentrate on anything. I did look in both Sai Sai and G.L.P, but it was significantly more crowded than last time, and it looked to be all the same dresses (mostly K-Star, but I had hoped there would be some new RQ-BL ones in there?)
Which is disappointing, but anyhoo! I did manager to buy some 'hipster' glasses which I subsequently wore for the entire trip. We also briefly walked through Covent Garden & I bought some macarons (which *gasp*, I didn't bother photographing this time around!)

During the evening, upon return to our hotel, we went to a thai restaurant. Thai Square Minories was a, you guessed it - Thai restaurant in minories! and was the alternative restaurant to the youth overflowed pub that had been our recommended first choice. The venue itself was really atmospheric, traditional and elegant looking, and admittedly, we all felt a little underdressed upon arrival, but it didn't turn out to be an issue! There also seemed to be a very loud party taking place in the downstairs area. 

I ended up having Tom Kha Gai (coconut and lemongrass soup with chicken), chicken Gang Kiew Wan (green curry! suprisingly wasn't the hottest, the spiciness of the curries here seem to have been modified?)  and the dessert I think was called Framboise (it was some sort of an ice cream ball with a frozen raspberry centre.  It was all really delicious and so hard to pick! As it was my first time at a thai restaurant I decided to go with something familiar, a green curry.

We did a lot more walking on this trip, we walked from Tower Bridge, to Southbank, past the Thames, to Big Ben, went to Westminster, and after all that caught a train to London Bridge (the reason for this was we walked past Death Trap, which is still open by the way! And I refused to go in since it has gotten pretty bad reviews on Tripadvisor and suggested we go to the Tombs instead. It was mediocre, but I made the most fun I could out of the experience, and screamed like a maniac the entire way through - so that the annoying voice of the stiff old woman behind me (who kept insisting we all probably looked ridiculous) was drowned out (god knows why she was in there). Thus, this was much more of a sightseeing holiday than the last couple of visits I've had, as I've not seen the famous buildings of London in a very long time. Not that they interest me specifically, I much prefer seeing the alternative sides, rather than what is forced down your throat as a tourist! Still they were very beautiful.

Walking down Southbank and coming up to the Eye was quite interesting - there was a pathway of trees and performers stood around for tourists to have their picture with (one was dressed as Chucky, who everyone steered well away from). There was also a gorgeous little fairground section with a carousel and helter skelter. The colours and lights on the rides were so lovely! :)

Balfour is an Italian restaurant we stumbled upon directly before our return train journey home. I had spaghetti carbonara, and my mother, had lasagne as you can see from the pictures, which were both delicious, but especially the carbonara! The cappuccinos were apparently very nice also but I didn't think I could manage one.

All in all, this trip was as good as it could have been! I always like going on adventures, especially to London, and since this was completely unplanned ,I thought it mostly was really quite a nice, if not tiring, day out. Like I have repeated however, you really need a good day or so just to fully appreciate one place at a time, for example, the Stable Markets, or the V&A Museum.

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