And Now a Stupidly Overdue YSGSP Review

My friend being terrorised ^-^

Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park! How I've missed you! And only this year to be renewed in faith scare attractions can be really unnerving. I notice this review has been finished much closer than Christmas than I wished for it to be, but, I am afraid I have been quite busy indeed. So, apologies to Fear Masters and anyone else who would have appreciated an earlier review, but here is, a review of YSGSP from this Halloween season 2012.

On Monday the 29th of October, we headed out into the night to the Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park based in Wakefield (on the also aptly named Hell Lane), which last year despite being in its infancy, was fantastic - hence the return visit! Yet again we were not disappointed, as the fear factor had been ramped up many a notch since last time - starting with an interrogation from clown sergeant Jack Rellik!

YSGSP this year had adopted a military come post apocalyptic zombie theme which ran continuously from start to finish throughout the various mazes (Quarantine, the Bunker, Ward 13, Wastelands and Containment).

One thing I particularly enjoyed was the maze using dry ice smoke as it was executed fantastically – I had absolutely no idea where I was going, and repeatedly kept walking towards actors hiding in the darkness. The sets, although not the most elaborate in the world were, in their basic nature (I mean this in a positive way of course!) most effective in creating the atmosphere of a post apocalyptic base.

The parks own characters Jack Rellik, Sebastian St John, were also similarly tied in with the theme donning military costumes and camouflage. All of it tied in fantastically. During Ward 13 I was relentlessly followed by a particularly strange woman with white hair... insistent on messing with my own hair! Another memorable maze was the hospital maze with its heavily TLC infused air (causing many people to cough). This may have also been the same maze where there was a man putting cloth in everyone’s face proclaiming he’d ‘wiped his arse on this’, but to be perfectly honest it was such a consistently frantic adventure; I’m not sure I could place what happened where!

Separating crowds in a fun and frightening way has always been a strong point of this event. As I recall from the previous year, the continuation of tense atmosphere even when walking between mazes was terrifying– you have no idea who or what is going to ambush you on your way through the dark woods. I must commend all the actors with their tremendous enthusiasm throughout the cold and mud, even the ones who spent the entire time through mazes attached to my back. Wasteland, alongside the woods, were routes allowing no escape from monster attacks. Tactile scares were notably full on this year, everyone recalled the introductory clown Jack Rellik licking people’s faces for example, but, disturbing occurrences aside! Definitely very effective indeed, I spent most of some of the mazes trying to hide behind my group to avoid attacks. Also, the actor in a spiky eared dog gas mask at the end was particularly shocking - jabbing everyone in the sides with a fake blade!

Not so sadly in my visiting friend’s case, we managed to avoid a chainsaw attack at the end of the attraction, as we were alarmingly shut into an end ‘cage’, but the chainsaw engine one of the actors couldn’t seem to get going (my friend did not, however, manage to avoid a clown chase to the exit past the stalls).

Overall, honestly it was the best Halloween event I visited this year, so congratulations and a very well done to all the team at YSGSP, Darrell Xavier and Fear Masters, for such a well constructed and hilariously entertaining event. Best wishes for their next attraction, which I look forward to, and I am sure will be just as superb.

Hey look! They also put me on the Missing Persons wall and I didn't even know ^_^ thanks guys!

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