Twisted the Clowns MEGA Art Update

Come have the days where tragically, I tend to the garden of my Facebook more than I do my beloved Karnaval in terms of updates in art, so, I'm going to do a roundup post for my Blogger readers (if of course, you still exist from my pathetic lack of updates, my apologies guys) of what art I have done, whats in progress etc.

  • We have included here from top to bottom; in the first collage, self portrait pencil tonal drawing, Lady Gaga Joker watercolour, crappy Allison Harvard in pen and red watercolour close up, Twisted the Clown OC cartoon.
  • In the second block, Morgul Wraith watercolour, Marilyn Manson pencil collage tonal A3 drawing, ZombieHiddles pen drawing (Loki), Bubblegum Razor pin up cartoon, Francis Bacon paint reproduction.
  • 3rd collage, portrait of my mother in green pencil crayon and pen, Michael Hussar's Nazi painting reproduction in oil pastels, the Commandant drawing I did ages ago coloured blue, Farmageddon clown tonal drawing and a Serj Tankian black and white monoprint.
  • Fourth collage, York Minster/V&A crypt interior composition A2 painting, zombie self portrait painting, Farmageddon nurse watercolour and a Dia De Los Muertos pin up cartoon in black and white.
  • Finally 5th block, WGW Dia De Los Muertos make up A2 painting (I shall be posting of this event very soon), Smashmaskdoll make up face painting (still in progress as we speak), a small experimentation of my mother again in black and white acrylic, also the front and back of my art sketchbook :)
What else is new with me, besides progressing tenfold at an alarming speed through my second year of college? I had an interview for Cambridge on the 5th which now was roughly about 2 weeks ago, at Clare College. English is my applied subject for everywhere and so far I've got two conditionals from York and Lancaster but it would be so very splendid indeed if I got a place at Cambridge. Trying not to get my hopes up... trying. One can dream.

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