2013 Creative Update (MCM Comic Con, art updates, make ups, customisations)

You can see here the final pieces of my Unit 4 work for college A2 level fine art, and also a couple of Pitch Black fanarts from Rise of the Guardians.

Stitcheart bodice. This was originally what I was going to wear at WGW April 2013 but the dye started leaking onto my shirt.

Various makeups including con Joker make up.

Manchester Comic Con 2013. The event this year was apparently notably disorganised in comparison to previous years. Personally, I wasn't too impressed by the event itself. Apparently even folks I knew who had bought tickets in advance were still kept waiting for a significant amount of time. The queues were 2-3 hours long to gain access into the complex, inside which nothing seemed to be going on other than merchandise stalls. To be absolutely fair I was disgusted to see CeX being one of the stalls in there. If all there is to offer consists of shops visitable in the city centre, I wouldn't have suffered getting in. Probably would not make a return visit, unless it was purely to photograph and chat with other cosplayers outside.

White mesh lenses (also seen in WGW April 2013 make up)

Psychedelic Joker make up

These last two collages are various personal endeavours, Bioshock fanart, zombie portraits of friends, Karnaval Bergaris Mata related original art, and b&w drawings of the Alton Towers haunted house.

Arsenic malady make up. (new green wig)

Lemongrab vest, and the final piece of coursework I did for my A Level in art. 

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