WGW April 2013 Photo Collages

Apologies for the severe lack of updates. Much education related drama and subsequent creative block has occurred this year. I have, however, ultimately made it into York University studying English, and will be shortly relocating my dungeon there.

Most of my efforts have been concentrated on my film review blog (plus Tumblr), Abnormew's Reviews on which I am currently completing an Insidious Chapter 2 review. If it hadn't been so hilarious, I would have called it insulting to Insidious. Shall also shortly be adding collages of new artistic creations, expeditions and make ups that have occured in my absence. Hopefully I will be working on getting the Karnaval Bergaris Mata series realised soon, as I've not quite decided what cartoon style it shall be. Experiments loom.


Make ups for the three days. Personally I liked the patchwork one best.

This year, for the first time, I attended the April event of WGW. Marking the second time I've seen Voltaire live (thankfully seeing the full extent of his entertaining performance and not having to exit prematurely to vomit). Other bands I vaguely remember dancing with folks in the crowd to, were Doctor and the Medics, Zombina and the Skeletones, and Clan of Xymox. The latter I wasn't too impressed with, given the lack of any actual live performance; a woman miming bass, one man on vocals and the other managing tracks on a laptop? There was also this hilariously daft fellow named William Control, previewing earlier in the evening on the Saturday (he's apparently a headline act this November) who kept whipping the floor with the microphone, and demanding the audience scream enthusiastically in response. I did my best to stare him out on stage for acting so irresponsibly with equipment.

This was also the advent of me getting a fair bit of attention from photographers at the Abbey. It was quite overwhelming. The mugshots were appalling, but you'd think a clown wouldn't mind given she has a sense of humour, right? Absolutely.

See you all in November, fellow WGW goers.

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