Post Halloween Update

And so, a post scare attraction visitation and Whitby update!

Since my suspicions Yorkshire Scare Grounds would not be as impressive as last year's efforts were confirmed (dually through the discovered absence of Darrell Xavier, and consistently disappointed Facebook feedback), I decided this year not to bother writing an official review. This establishment has been a favourite of mine, along with GNG Entertainment's productions, therefore I hate to have any criticisms to address. There was nothing particularly wrong with this year's mazes, except a lack of actors, and generally less well flowing continuity. The alien invasion theme had potential, but in light of previous years' efforts from the Scare Grounds, 2013 was a was mediocre attempt at best. Seemingly a lot was invested in laser lighting. However, as with every art form - what looks nice for the sake of a visually impressive feature, doesn't necessarily contribute or equate to a better overall product.

Whitby Goth Weekend this year has also come and gone as quickly as ever, along with my yearly attempt to outdo the previous years' costumes. This year I braved contacts for the entire day and subsequently had to endure a drunk panic attack attempting to remove them at 2am. Not an experience I am fond of.

Bella Morte was playing this year, and also managed to play On the Edge (my favourite song!). I remember very little else, following a rock cover of My Heart Will Go On. Who else did we see? Ashes to Angels (we missed Bad Polyanna due to traffic, but one of the band members liked my outfit), we stayed at a distance from William Control, Diary of Dreams apparently were playing but I don't seem to remember them. I had chance to spend a tea party with new friends and overall, despite the cold, it was an excellent holiday as always.

Photographers, elitist goths and their arrogance never fail to amuse me in the backlash of my recent clowning. Despite the fact I have been a 'Goth' for over 5 years now, apparently dressing up in the vein of a clown misrepresents the subculture and 'spirit of the event'. Now, if you are one of these foolish humans who believe rules for an event, whose sole purpose is acceptance of the unusual in it's entirety, can be established... you're obviously misinformed.

Dark cabaret, horror, and theatrics - circus being encompassed in that - is part of Goth subculture. Whether you like to accept that or not. Yes, there are visitors to the weekend who hire costumes and are publicised by the media, but you know what? Get over it. Whitby holds a fantastic atmosphere where everyone is unafraid to creatively express themselves in appearance. That's what makes the event such fun. I already miss it. Anyone embittered enough to try and start drama with a clown trying to have fun... clearly needs to reassess their lives. Time would be much better spent if you painted yourself like an asylum inmate and joined in. Trust me.

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