Alice: Madness Returns Game & Steamdress Cosplay Review

In the space of time of me not blogging, Alice: Madness Returns has become one of my all time favourite games (bar a few glitches). I loved it so much, I ended up buying the Steamdress from the game from a shop called Procosplay, based in China. Here's my verdict of it.

After 2 wears, the cotton at the end of the dress is now fraying. The squashy green & gold circular part of the bow has fallen off (as it has only been attached by glue, as opposed to press studs like the apron is). On top of that, the company sent me an incorrect number (7) of arm buckles/bands to evenly cover the gloves (as it shows in the image there are four pairs of buckles for each arm), and were adamant about this being sufficient. This was the ‘best’ Steamdress version - and although it looks pretty, I’m not too impressed at the issues for the amount it was, or how my complaints were received. The dress itself is lovely, as is the apron, but the accessories are poor quality. Best avoided!

The wig you see me wearing here is from Coscraft.

And now, for the actual game review.

Alice, as I have mentioned is a definite favourite game, although very glitchy throughout, and the ending was somewhat abrupt. Would like to have seen more of the train’s architecture. Dollhouse remains to be my favourite level, the music, dark undertones & general stylistic features were excellent. Settings were expansive and immersive, nowhere has been neglected in regards to attention to detail. The chaotic shifting between reality and Wonderland was a fantastic intermediary between levels (such as the Asylum segment).

My only complaints would be that the minigames are very problematic in terms of controls not functioning - Giant Mode Alice, the ship challenge, Dollhouse pinball etcetera. Throughout the entire game, the Umbrella Block also wasn’t functioning (with the same problem occurring on two separate games played). Since I do not own this game for Xbox 360, I cannot verify for certain, but I get the feeling these issues seem to be linked with the PC version. That (and my associated endless fiddlings with the game files) aside, short & sweet, with an amazingly macabre atmosphere (and absolutely love Alice's dresses).

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