Coscraft Wigs Review

Greetings, Stitchearts! Today I am going to give a summary review of all the wigs I acquired last year from Coscraft. Since I bought from them on more than one occasion, yes, one can assume that they are a good shop to buy from, as they are reliable (free shipping and always on time) and mostly consistent with the quality of their products, from my experiences. How well the wigs fit on your head seems to vary.

Personally, as an alternative to repeatedly dying and damaging my real hair, I, no doubt along with many other folks find wigs to be the answer. Coscraft's wigs are fairly cheap (usually ranging from £15-£25) and pretty much look as good as if you'd dyed your hair ... without your roots showing through. I'd recommend investing in a wig cap, stands, and wig shampoo to wash them with. And also to be extremely careful when brushing them, as you can permanently damage the fibers and whatnot.

  • First, this is the Betty wig in black, which I find sits awkwardly on my head, but it looks fine (although uncomfortable) compressed under headwear. I'd maybe recommend this if you have a smaller head than me.  

  • Alex is probably my favourite of the wigs Coscraft have to offer, the fringe frames the face perfectly. Cannot recommend this wig style enough. I own this style in white, black, red and green so far. The black version seems to differ in fringe as it's significantly longer than the others, so I can't help but wonder if I had been sent Kate by mistake? 

  • I ordered a Kate wig in lime green way back in March of last year for a Joker cosplay. Which, I am not particularly keen on with the style of the fringe. Also, when it was sent to me, the hair at the front part of the scalp (?) of the wig, was bunched up and knotted. So, I ended up going to MCM in a different wig. A little disappointing, but I think it looks good still under headwear. Probably wouldn't recommend this style, though.


  • Cybelle in purple/lilac. Another style alongside Alex that I would recommend without complaint. Other than the fact you may need to tighten this slightly depending on head size (there is a strap on the underside of the wig). Perfect for a Lolita look and whatnot.

  • Kato in bright blue. Started to lose it's shape a little bit, but I love this wig. As, it's quite voluminous and suits my head shape/size, where otherwise I don't particularly suit short hairstyles at all. 
Overall, I would recommend Coscraft as they are generally reasonably priced and good quality. I'll probably continue acquiring different colours in Alex and Cybelle as they are my favourite styles (also Vanellope looks good), but I am looking to review Geisha Wigs in the near future.

Have any of you purchased from these folks? 

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