Karnaval Bergaris Mata Bios: Choke the Clown

Little is known about Choke's past other than that he was an infamous murderer who was tried and hung for his crimes in 1887. There is a journal kept upon his person with the name marked 'Emilio', detailing the time of a Spanish immigrant spent inside an insane asylum. Whether this belongs to Choke himself is unknown.

The rope around his neck appears to be the one by which he met his demise, despite the subtle strange markings. The alchemical symbols visible on his garments are references to arsenic, his choice weapon of a slow death for his victims.  Choke serves as the leading clown in the Karnaval and disposes of the participating audience and his henchmen as part of his knife throwing act.

Aside from Twisted and himself, the other members of the Karnaval continually seem to recognise faces from the audience. Who are these audiences? Are they visitors of the past which the members seek to destroy?


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