Karnaval Bergaris Mata Bios: Malki the Ringmaster

There was once a man who worked as a child psychologist in his past life. His name was Dale. Dale poured his heart and soul into his patients, except two girls, Siamese twins with pyromaniac tendencies, whose minds it seemed impossible to reason with. Their parents systematically abused them, subsequently they believed the only way society would notice them or regard them as anything other than freaks, was to permanently destroy what was around them.

After his death, locked in his office and burned alive at the hands of his patients, Dale became Malki on the nightmare plane. As the Ringmaster of the Karnaval, he was blessed with a unique ability, a relief from the past which the other 'demons' of this plane were not afforded. To write down, and physically remove from his mind by burning, what memories came back to him from his previous life. 

Why he has such a desperate need to destroy them, is locked within the content of these pages. Sometimes, he would explain to Peril, he is not aware of what he is writing when he does, other than outletting a great stream of regret and grief out of his himself. Malki, like the rest of the Karnaval members has yet to come to understanding why he is still trapped there, forever punishing the minds of the guilty.

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