Steam Powered Giraffe Inspired Make Up

I had a stab at being Rabbit/Bunny Bennett from the popular steampunk band, Steam Powered Giraffe, over the Christmas holidays. It didn't turn out exactly as I pictured it. Mainly as myself and Bunny have very different noses, and so it became a sort of Fembot Bunny variation. I have edited this piece on Photoshop for refinement (and also as I don't have a pink version of my blue wig, sadly). I used Snazaroo for the metallic bases (silver and bronze) and black features, Barry M dazzle dust for the pink nose and some cheap pen eyeliner for details.

In progress.

Finished. Sadly, I didn't go out with this on but there are future SPG cosplays in the works for this year :)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year, and may I recommend this twee little tune to keep your spirits up.

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