York Minster Photo Collages & the York Ghost Tour

This weekend just gone, Verb and I went into York Minster for the first time (as I found out that this is free for York residents/students, so I was incredibly happy, and intend to use/abuse this privilege as often as possible). As a fan of church architecture I can say it was just as awesome as Lincoln Cathedral (a tad more explore-able too). I also discovered the name of my college, Alcuin, is a reference to a scholar/teacher living in York during the 700s/800s. There have been Roman remains excavated under the cathedral, which we also had a look at. Personally, I found the remains of pigs' jaws left over from feasts most interesting.

A couple of shots from the York Ghost Tour. It's the first decent ghost walk I've been on in a while, not too serious in tone or overtly corny in humour. Although I went on a ghost walk with the same company a couple of years ago, with a different person running the walk, and I found the humour to be... far too crass. Quality of this walk depends on who runs it, but the man who has overtaken the walk this year was very silly and gave myself, Verb and Jess complimentary tickets (which was awfully kind, so thank you!). It was a great (but freezing) evening out.

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