York Vintage Fair (26.01.14) Give the Dog a Bone & various other quirky shops.

Last Sunday I visited 'York's Affordable Vintage Fair' with my good friend Jess, after being recommended to go (since I missed the previous fairs, over the last term). The venue was the Hospitium in York Museum Gardens. Although it was incredibly rainy on the day, the walk was enjoyable enough. We ended up meeting lots and lots of friendly squirrels along the way.

Yes, this squirrel did literally jump on a branch right before our faces. 

Vintage fairs lost their charm with me quite a while back, as usually what 'vintage' constitutes is an amalgamation of 60's-90's era fashion, and nothing much beyond that scope. Given that there has been a continuous resurgence of these styles in mainstream fashion... almost defeats the point of fair dedicated to them? Most often, I find it's a medley of 80's-90's fashion, and really, if I wanted to continue wearing what fashions I wore as a child, I might have kept my clothes. That, and more importantly, the ugliest cast offs of 80's evening dresses I have ever seen. Some of the jewellery was quite interesting. Jess would have gotten the open-able church pendant if the groom inside hadn't been beheaded.

While there, I did see a dolly style dress (which I did not end up taking a picture of) and was about the only thing I could see myself customising into some sort of Halloween costume. Shame really, as the event itself was nice, and reasonably priced in the light of the wave of popularity towards overpriced vintage stores, mainly stocking the aforementioned fallout of hideous 80's evening dress.

But I think vintage fairs would be far more appealing with a broader remit of eras - perhaps 20's & 40's fashion, Victorian, Elizabethan, Medieval? While the fair itself was very pretty (fairy lights and cakes and all that), and I imagine, very much of interest to people who like these particular periods of clothing, I ended up purchasing some leggings not remotely vintage, from a lady running a brand named Faded Glory.

Jess & I also ended up visiting Fourboys Dessert Cafe in between walking around town, which I found to be incredibly overpriced and quite average in what they had to offer. The food was okay... however I'd also heard that it had received a lot of bad reviews. The good news is, I did not come away with food poisoning, or salmonella from the cheesecake I had.

Since I've never written about them, there is a fair few quirky shops that one can go to in York, for clothes, gifts etc. as an alternative to vintage fairs. Coming from an hour outside Manchester, I do find that Manchester is sadly preferable in having more choice (as for example, there is Affleck's Palace and a number of comic book shops). When vintage fairs aren't on (counting for the majority of the time), there are several vintage shops on Fossgate. Give the Dog a Bone is also located on Fossgate (as seen in the pictures above), and is a nick nack shop for geeky and quirky gifts. Give the Dog a Bone incidentally also have their own vintage clothing shop on Gillygate, which I have never been to.

Haven't been to Vamps in quite a number of years, (however I'm fairly certain it's still open) which is the only specifically Goth clothing outlet I am aware of in York. Heaven Forbid on Stonegate, and Classix are two other extremely small outlets for alternative clothing. There's a couple of fancy dress places I forget the names of (one is located near Classix). 35 Stonegate, the Haunted house, have their own kooky shop selling occult items and books. And of course, there is Travelling Man, the only comic book shop I am aware of in the center. Stocks a decent variety of material.

Lady Rainicorn bag! Although I'd recommend Give the Dog a Bone for more AT merch.

How about you guys, have you visited, or live in York? Any recommendations for alt. shopping?

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