Dr Sketchy's, Darklands at The Fulford Arms & Disorder at Fibbers York (7th/8th/9th Feb 2014)

This weekend just gone, which was extremely busy, had three of the main alt. events in York crammed into it. (at least, as far as I am aware. Please do drop me a line if you know any more local events)

The above collage is an amalgamation of last Thursday's Dr Sketchy's (Masquerade Ball) and the Rocky Horror Sketchy's from last year. In short, Sketchy's is a burlesque live drawing class with varying themes. Originating from New York, and founded by the incredibly talented artist Molly Crabapple, Sometimes there are live performances in the mix. Personally I do quite enjoy going (but they should totally have more male models just for variation. Or, as Amy phrased it, boylesque.). The guys who run York Sketchy's are an awesome collective of creative talent, and the class has a much more relaxed approach to live drawing than the classes hosted at the uni. Anyway, last Thursday's class included a short burlesque act from Midori Dusk, a Swan Lake rock and roll hybrid, and was masquerade themed. My favourite mask was worn by Sarah which was terrifying and looked like something out of Labyrinth.

On Friday, myself and a couple of friends went out to Disorder, a monthly rock night hosted by the club Fibbers. I heard about Disorder through a flyer in Heaven Forbid (it's cheaper to get in with them, however I think you can guestlist right up until 10:30pm on the day). One thing I loved was the Kid Acne artwork which was on walls. Lots and lots of dry ice, so you could barely see where anyone was, and neon lighting. Fringe Society from the uni had their own room behind the bar, if you didn't like the music choices on in the main dancefloor. All the music that was played was pretty decent, then descended into rockabilly coming into the early hours of the morning. The venue got quite grubby before the night was out, and we didn't end up walking home until 3am. Do think this is worth visiting as the music was much better than an average night out and nothing particularly unpleasant happened, though I must note the toilets get into a real state.

On Saturday there was the monthly Darklands, York's goth night (which is also advertised at WGW). Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the bands in action as I was too drunk to get up and take a picture. Psydolls and Yokai Demon Drummers both performed , and sounded pretty good from what I remember. Interesting, at least in YDD's case. The dancefloor was free for wandering into for about an hour (as you can imagine, given there were live performers for the majority of the night), so our group ended up going into town to dance some more at Duchess.

How about you, Stitchearts? Any local events you visited, or anything exciting happened to you this weekend?

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