Karnaval Bergaris Mata Bios: Warp & Tabak

B&W. I thought it looked interesting like this too :D

Algernon Stimmt the organ grinder and his German talking monkey. Since leaving his previous life, where he had been a homeless street performer, Algernon became Warp. Due to how poor her was, Warp still retains in the nightmareverse, a set of wooden teeth, and plays the accordion for the Karnaval. Some of his fingers (presumably due to gangrene) are missing and are replaced with rusted iron ones.

In his past life, he was also uncovered as being a cannibal and an escaped asylum inmate, meeting his demise by a brother of one of the infants he had abducted. The dolls faces on his top hat count for the amount of children he had eaten before being incarcerated. The doll face on the centre of the bow tie represents someone who was 'very special to him'.

Tabak (German for Tobacco) is a gangrene ridden monkey, who, when he is not dancing and playing the cymbals, enjoys stealing people’s eyelashes and can also speak fluent German. “Ich will deine verdammte Wimpern” (I want your damn eyelashes).

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