Conceal the Psychotic 50's Housewife

To commemorate the fact I could still squeeze into an awesome dress I wore when I was 15, I made a character/make up/outfit video today inspired by my gender theory readings. (This also features a new wig from Geisha Wigs that yet again I highly recommend.)

Conceal - The Psychotic 50's Housewife. Much like Joy from Psychoville, she is deluded into believing a pot doll is her daughter. However, this pot doll is actually a manifestation of her insecurities. A 'living' worry doll, if you will. I may later elaborate in videos what her past entailed for her to attempt to use an object as a coping mechanism, to physically contain her troubles. But, she previously had a family of her own, and a pet dog. Conceal (her name), as you may have gathered is her superficial (however evidently failing) attempts at masquerading as an ideal mother and housewife. While the colour does not show very well in these images, Conceal has bright purple hair and wears a bright pink dress. Oversized pearls to compensate for her lack of 'pearls of wisdom'.

Malady, the doll shown in the video, also references some of my earlier photography work (I use a picture of her currently as the profile picture of the Troubled Child Inc. Facebook page). This current form of Malady, shown in the video, is before an accident. Malady Cane seen below, malady in this context playing on candy cane - being a bringer of ill, mixed with sweetness.

What has Malady Cane seen? Was she responsible for the accident, or simply a manifestation of the horrific things that happened? Does her change in look occur supernaturally or is this a delusion of Conceal's mind?

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