"I Might Paint, a Picture of a Clown" & Alice: Madness Returns Insane Children Make Ups

Today I decided to do a clown make up inspired by the psychotic notepad, from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Since I've had comments about missing references, one eye is meant to be a brain, the other a raining stormcloud. There's a colour wheel on my cheek and an orange on the other (corresponding to the drawings on the notepad in the video).

Making up process. Due to the... temperamental nature/not perfect quality of webcam I have, I decided against trying to attempt a make up video for this look. Which I attempted for the Insane Children look below, but not to great avail. However, I still patched together the results below.

This look was a first (very rushed) attempt at one of the Insane Children from the Dollhouse level in Alice: Madness Returns. The fact I was trying to use what I could see shown back at me in the webcam also didn't really assist much with accuracy.

First attempt at a make up progression video above. I regret nothing. 

 Hope you're all having a great weekend, Stitchearts.

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