Cardiff (26.03.14)

I have a lot to catch up on with my recent photography posts, and this is the first of a few. I realised I never made official posts for my Paris and New York trips a couple of years ago. If anyone's interested in seeing them for the moment please check out my photography page on fb as it will take me quite a while to get them all on here.

The morning we went to Cardiff this time was incredibly wintery, misty and beautiful. We visited all the old haunts, and dodged invasive charity workers. I ended up getting Uzumaki (all three volumes) from Waterstones, so I shall get around to reviewing that at some point. Some lovely folks complimented my trousers and hair. Apparently an old woman snuck up to me while I was asleep on a couch in a cafe, and told my mother she had hair like mine when she was younger. But of course, I was totally unawares!

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