Karnaval Bergaris Mata Bios: Madame Tzimbab

I briefly previewed this work in the Mermaid Bunting clown make up video. 

Madame Tzimbab is the fortune teller of the Karnaval Bergaris Mata, reading palms, and can predict the future. Cursed to forever deteriorate even on this otherworldly plane. She imparts some important knowledge upon the protagonist, along with Malki and the magician, Mr Llamba. Sometimes her eyes burst and spurt out corrosive, bright yellow liquid. Madame Tzimbab carries around a stuffed sheep which she calls Ruïne (German for ruin). She too is never seen again after the Karnaval disbands.

Gorramtimebomb, otherwise known as Shea the Chicken Lord, did an awesome detailed portrait of Madame Tzimbab's face in the style of Junji Ito with pens and markers.
You can find more of his creative works here and here. Also Tumblr.

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