Karnaval Bergaris Mata Bios: Peril the Broken Clown Doll

Andrea Stokes, remodelled as Choke's new marionette "Peril", for the Karnaval Bergaris Mata is just one of many unwilling participants in this travelling nightmareverse operation. Hooked from her joints, she is forced to dance in front of the audience until Warp runs out of songs to play.

Peril in her past life was an extremely unsavoury individual, uncaring, narcissistic, physically cruel to others and herself. Some say it is why she found herself in the carnival after the accident. Often the cruelest people that never learn what they are intended to in life are brought somehow to a much stricter, psychological way of developing, particularly if they are in tune with the other worlds. Those who have wicked thoughts draw far more wicked things.

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