Mirchiz York Review

To celebrate the end of (mostly) everyone's language exams we went to a BYOB Indian called Mirchiz recommended by my friend. We didn't bring booze. Well, I don't know for sure about the others, I didn't as I'm making a concerted effort to keep having social interactions excluding alcoholic beverage consumption since I never make an ounce of sense drunk. Also, clearly I don't need it considering how happy and red I am to begin with.

 I had chicken tikka masala (adventurous, I know!) which came bare but had mint sauce accompanying it separately. It was an unusual pairing I thought, but tasted good. Not much more expansion I can give, I'm afraid. Since I was so hungry, I'll be honest, I wasn't really disinterested enough to have a critical palate, as Matthew Arnold might say. (English theory reference, haw haw).

Not the best place I've been to, not totally inexpensive, but I didn't get food poisoning and everyone seemed to enjoy what they had, so it was all fine. We were the only folks in the restaurant, and the only other people there seemed to be picking up takeaways. Other than that, it was all pretty good, we weren't waiting forever and the food quality was decent.

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