Summertime 2012 NYC Photocollages

I fully realise this post is well overdue, considering I visited New York sometime in August 2012. But you know... I've been busy doing stuff and stressing out over irrelevant drama, as you do. So here are the photo collages from my summer holiday visiting family in the States.

Cheesecake and sweet things happiness. I had cheesecake for breakfast most days, you know, because that's how you live it up. Of course I was going to start this off with cheesecake.

My various looks throughout (leg narcissism strikes again)


Times Scare

Inside the Hurst building (aka what it's like to work in a fashion magazine :O, thank you so much to Rosemary and all my lovely relatives for this opportunity to experience this)

Evolution Store NYC

Sanrio Store. I didn't go too wild, just acquired my trusty Hello Kitty backpack (which is sadly now missing one of its zipper tags) and a Chococat plushie/pen set. However, one day when I am far more wealthy, it is my full intention to go wild in here and the other aforementioned shops.

We wandered into an art gallery and goth shop somewhere. (I've long forgotten the names!)

Various shots including Chinatown, Toys R Us, Trash and Vaudeville.

We visited for just under a week, I've not even scraped on New York, and you can see how amazingly vibrant and busy everything is. One day I will return to the States and hopefully be able to visit the amazing haunts and Halloween events they have over there.

Have any of you Stitchearts visited/lived here? Any experiences to share? Do tell :)
Hope you're all having an awesome week. 

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