Whitby Goth Weekend April 2014 + Geisha Wigs Review + Creative Effortness

Reppin' Geisha Wigs. Review at the bottom!

Sorry this is a little overdue, given WGW April 2014 was a month ago nearly. But I've had exams get in the way is my excuse, and I thought I would document in more detail the events of the past Whitby Goth Weekend.  So, as you can see above, I did the usual clowning/make up art-ing this April and had a lot of fun wandering the town dressed up. Speaking of creative productivity in general, I have a new make up video in the works, and I've gotten the first of hopefully many illustrations published, this time in Circulation Magazine.

My own edit. This was a piece based on Lana Del Rey, the article as you might be able to make out above is regarding Mixing Genres and was written by my friend Kasimiira Kontio. The little skeleton illustration on the opposite page is also by my good friend Rosa. I should also hopefully be submitting some of my older work into a uni gallery exhibit in the summer.

See more art here

But now, back onto WGW.

Photography by Abinormal Photography (me) 

As you can see when we initially arrived on the Friday, the fog rolling in over the hills was suitably mysterious to set the mood for an awesome night. Toyah was the main act on the Friday, and New Model Army was the main act on the Saturday. I know some other bands were in the midst of that including UK Decay but I wasn't massively familiar with all of the lineup. Jordan Reyne was probably my favourite.

Look for the Friday evening. I did end up changing my wig from the short blue one I have from Coscraft. Near enough identical to the look I did last November Whitby but I didn't get any proper photographs of it. 

As usual, in the town and the Pavilion there were many beautifully dressed and lovely folks who came over and complimented me (and someone took my picture for the British Library's exhibit on Goth subculture)

If I'm honest, Toyah didn't really appeal to me, and it kind of irked me she was wearing trainers on stage (but I guess she's getting on now XD ). 

Steampunklown close up. Alice wears a white kind of ruff anyway so I figured that I could incorporate her outfit into a robot/Steampunk inspired clown look which I'd been wanting to do for a while. I didn't have time or the resources to do a makeup video for any of my looks, as I was too busy packing. But, the looks comprise of mostly, Barry M eyeshadows, Snazaroo bronze and white paints, Collection 2000 black liquid eyeliner, glitter liner and glitter from Barry M and the false eyelashes are from Stargazer.  

Steampunklown. As some people may recognise, this is the Steamdress from Alice: Madness Returns reworked into a dark carnival look. People kept yelling American Mcgee while I was out and about in town, so I was happy people got the reference ^_^

One of the really lovely couples we met at WGW (alongside Kooky and Klutzie) while staying at a B&B in 2011. Annabel always shows up on Flickr with her ensembles. 

Awesome lady Jordan Reyne.

Lolita look for Sunday before we left. Wig is from Coscraft. This picture I think was taken by Gothic Events.

As always WGW has a fantastic atmosphere for creative expression, near enough everyone is kind and accepting of whatever visual madness I inflict, the fish and chips are always great, and there's something really timeless and homely about wandering the streets, watching the silhouettes of the crowd and dancing to goth bands in the pavilion. This has been my 5th WGW so far. As an event it continues to grow every year, and there is always a fantastic crowd of people to meet. 

Onto the Geisha Wigs review. As I spoke about a while ago, I did end up ordering some wigs from Geisha Wigs. And as you may have garnered from the plural wigs, I do highly recommend them. The only advice I would suggest, however, is only to order products that are specified to be in stock. I've heard complaints from friends who have had trouble with delivery, with wigs which were out of stock. But from my own experience heeding that warning, the delivery has been prompt and the quality of the wigs have always been stunning. The first one I purchased is also featured in the very first picture in this post - blueberry fizz Gothic Lolita wig. I do find the fringe to be a little bit of a bother to clip back. But other than that, it's a beautiful colour, voluminous and has gotten many compliments. Below are some shots from Cardiff so you can see the full length and shape...

(This is a lomo edit, so the colour isn't accurate here)

Retro 50's style purple Gothic Lolita wig. I especially love this, it has a really lovely style, and was featured in my previously posted Conceal the Psychotic Housewife video.

Alderley Edge. 

For the last wig, I've not taken a nicer picture with it other than on my phone so far - so apologies for that (will remedy very soon) . For some reason it seems to have become tangled very easily, and when I tried to brush it out since taking this picture, some of the curls seemed to permanently fall, but I'm working on restyling it.

This wig kind of reminds me of MLP and Dont' Hug Me I'm Scared's human personification of the notepad, Paige.

Other than that, recent news/upcoming stuff... I have some story pieces, photography posts of travels and conventions and more artwork coming up soon. 
Hope you Stitchearts have been having an awesome weekend! 

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