Betty's Review

Today we went to Betty's to round off the term and say our last goodbyes (well, not quite, but second to last!) before heading off home for summer. The weather has been ridiculously nice (inconsistently) for the past month or two.

J's dress.

Chocolate raspberry bombe. Very rich but really very nice. I'm not usually into dark chocolate sweets but the sauce made it tolerable in the best way possible.

Raspberry macaron. J said it was lovely.

No pictures here as I preferred the non themed desserts, but there were lots of Tour De France themed goodies for sale.

The flavours here were cherry, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla (thankfully no rose!). Not the best macarons I've ever had in my life, and they weren't consistently textured (some were good, but a couple of them were really crumbly!). So I still vote Laduree. 

Overall, it was a really nice experience as a one off (probably would not spend that kind of money on such a small chocolate truffle again, in essence). I was quite glad we managed to beat the queues - they were getting quite bad by the time we were leaving, which would have been around 12:30/1pm (despite it being a weekday!) so always aim to get there for morning, if you're visiting. Following this, we wandered around town looking in vintage shops and vintage sections in charity shops.

Unfortunately I must include a bit of a complaint regarding an otherwise lovely day. I was quite tired coming to the end of our wanderings around York, we went into a relatively new shop called Pop Culture Pod.

Now, normally I will ask before taking pictures inside a shop. But quite honestly, I'd forgotten to on this occasion, plus I had already been into this shop before. The woman who was behind the counter last time was perfectly fine with me taking pictures (given it's only promoting their business and for personal use on this blog).

The male shop assistant, after I took a photo, suddenly started interrogating me saying, "What are you doing? What are you doing? This is private property. This is private property", and kept repeating it in this awfully rude way, staring me out, and implied I had something to do with a rival shop on Fossgate who "hated" them.

Now, I can respect I should have asked before taking pictures. I'm never out to be deliberately troublesome taking photographs, for goodness sake. But, I found this person exceptionally rude. I had no idea what he was talking about, and I felt extremely unwelcome after he'd finished. Any other instance where I've not been welcome to take photos - I've just been asked to stop taking them. Not being accused of somehow violating/trespassing upon? 'private property', which is ridiculous in itself. It's a shop open to the public. On top of, apparently, being part of some shop conspiracy.

That is no way to treat customers. And there were no signs on the shop front pointed out to me by this sales assistant, indicating it was an offense of some description, to use cameras. Needless to say I will not be returning to be spoken to so disrespectfully. Which is unfortunate for them - my friend and I would have purchased something from them again, had that not had happened.. Really put a dampener on our moods.

Moving onto more visual pleasantries!

Really beautifully decorated interior of the Give the Dog a Bone vintage shop.

Mural on the wall inside the Cat Shop.

Bear Shop interior.

Taken in Heaven Forbid on Stonegate. (I think the brand is Hell Bunny)

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