Knaresborough (08.06.14)

So we went out to the lovely little town of Knaresborough today, (the last time I visited was quite a number of years ago, I think there's another photo post on this place in my archive) home to the awesome checkered buildings and Mother Shipton's Cave. We went quite late in the day, and the weather was actually terrible when we arrived. But as you can see, it cleared up into some wonderful sunshine. Apart from visiting Knaresborough this weekend, I went out both nights with my flatmates and some good friends (I'm still dying from post aerobics ache!) and actually had so much fun dancing and miming awful rap music. Lots and lots of awesome things coming up in the near future which I'm really excited for, including the gallery exhibit tomorrow.  

Awesome people.

Hope you've all been having a nice weekend Stitchearts :) any exciting things to share from your weekend?

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