Litsoc's Midsummer Night's Dream Ball

To celebrate the end of term, Literature Society held a Midsummer Night's Dream themed event.

The main man.


Free cocktails but no special Litsoc drinks offers (we asked behind the bar, and they said there was no such deals!! False advertisement!!)

Missed my cupcake opportunity unfortunately (already too full on free sweets), but I stole some of my friend's cupcake.

Lovely, lovely face painting. Everyone looked really stunning!

Sadly I didn't manage to take pictures of all of the props, (or the people in costume) but they were definitely the most carefully thought out and impressive feature of the evening.

Rumbull in the Jungle pitcher, I think this was. Definitely nicer than the second one we had - they were very strong.  Myself and B had bubblegum shots before we ended up getting pitchers.

The only remaining temporary tattoo left on me (on my arm).

It was a nice buffet, but overall everyone agreed that the atmosphere was a bit too mellow, even following 11pm after the live music had finished (which could have been averted with better/Lady Gaga/more upbeat dance music).

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