MAC Make Up Review & today's stuff.

So far I've gathered a small MAC collection (I'm still delving into the more conventional side of make up artistry and also MAC is reeeally expensive), including Morange lipstick, BB foundation in SPF35, Paint Pot primer in nude, and Mineralise skin finish powder in light.

Originally I was going to buy a foundation brush from MAC, but when I asked at the desk and they said it was £30 for one brush, I kind of had a small heart attack and went to Superdrug instead. Superdrug haul! The brushes were actually pretty decent quality, no strands coming loose. I'm trying to take better care of my skin and eyes, given the warmer weather seems to be causing my entire head to be temperamental.

The lighting in my room made it incredibly difficult to show the coverage of the foundation/powder (hence why I gave up and did a grainy edit) but it was actually really pretty and well matched to my very pale skin tone. Check out my new bob instead.

Coming to the end of my first year at university, I have my final presentation tomorrow and... it's pretty much a wrap. But! I'm taking part in some awesome projects and events before I head home. 

Hope all you Stitchearts are well, reviewed any new make up lately? :)

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