YCC Yorkshire Cosplay Con and Evil Eye Lounge

Make up look for the day. MAC's Primer did make a world of difference for eyeshadow application, I'd highly recommend it!

So far this is the only picture I have of us together, but a few people took shots (will upload when I get them).

Awesome Alice: Madness Returns cosplayer let me hold her Hobby Horse (was made entirely of felt!)


Bioshock cosplayers!

Road Runner.

We also met Beckii Cruel! It's 2009 all over again.

Super awesome Harley

Mini Loli gathering

Jack Frost cosplayer!

Homestuck peoples! 

LOL Jinx

YCC was more than I was expecting after visiting Manchester MCM around a similar time last year. Doncaster is a little bit rough to be wandering around in full Lolita garb/cosplay and we got a sprinkle of heckling (thankfully as we did not walk around much). But aside from that, when we were in the Dome itself the atmosphere was really fun and friendly. Reminded me the reason why I love conventions so much - it's such an exciting environment for enthusing about creativity and fandoms. We managed to meet Beckii Cruel when we were there and got pictures too. Though we mostly missed whatever was occurring on stage, as we kept wandering in and out to see all the amazing costumes.

Some of my favourite cosplays of the day were definitely Carnage, Jinx, Harley, Alice and the Bioshock Little Sister & Splicer. 

After the convention, I met up with my flatmates to go for a meal at Cote. Really lovely there, but pricey, so I just had chicken. 

Evil Eye is also a bit expensive, but it was fun to watch the bar staff make our cocktails.

Fleetwood Caramac. Strong but very sweet! My flatmates also had Ginger Lynch, Heaven and I can't remember the other two (one had gin and was pretty awful, the other was summer berries).

Interior. We didn't go to the infamous upstairs bed/couch area this time.

Brain hemorrhage.

Hope you Stitchearts have been having a lovely weekend. Planning any cosplays yourselves?

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