Sorry this is so late! I've been busy drawing away and reading Chaucer, but I recently visited the wonderful city of Barcelona. Only putting up a few images on here, but if you'd like to see the rest, they're on the Abinormal Photography facebook page.

Before we arrived I didn't have much planned for what we might see other than Gaudi's famous architecture,
One thing I'll warn you about Barcelona, however, is that cars/mopeds won't stop at lights unless they absolutely have to - even if the lights are on red. So be very careful!

We managed to see Casa Mila, the Passion Tower and La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and the monument at the top of Park Guell (not sure of its name), Catalan Museum of Art, Casa Batlo, Port Olimpic and some of El Barri Gotic. My favourite was definitely La Sagrada Familia, given I already have a fascination with cathedrals and church architecture. It was also so, so amazing to see Gaudi's works in person after studying and drawing a few of them for my Art GCSE. The waterfalls/water features at the Catalan Art Museum and the fountains that lit up at night near Las Rambla were also really stunning.

Like every city, there's already far more to see than can be contained within one visit. Therefore I hope to return one day to see Mount Tibidabo, the museums, Laberint d'Horta, all around Barri Gothic and so forth. The weather was absolutely wonderful (including the rain).

Things that made me smile while I was there -

  • Some guy gave me a white rose randomly while we were in a restaurant
  • Lots of little dogs
  • Giant shared dessert plates and really silly waiters.
  • Bus rides with crazy crazy hardcore dance soundtracks
  • Listening to night time rain from where we stayed
  • Beautiful sunny weather all the time when we went out.
  • Going to the top of La Sagrada Familia and freaking out at the heights. (There was this endlessly spiralling set of stairs like something out of a Uzumaki nightmare, which we had to take to get down)  
  • Monsters Inc. & Spanish infomercials. 
  • The balcony & view from where we stayed (even though it was kind of scary)
  • Seeing so many people on mopeds/motorbikes
  • Fairy lights in restaurants
  • Cute graffiti & garish mannequins in El Barri Gotic
Sending out much love and happiness and sunshine to you all! And thank you to everyone who still follows this blog. Inspiration list post coming soon (finally!)

Have you Stitchearts been up to anything recently?

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