Bath and Cardiff

Yesterday was a very long day (as it always is) to say the least. We drove down to Cardiff from 4am and then caught the train to Bath Spa, as myself and M had always wanted to visit to see the architecture. Sadly I hadn't researched whether it was permitted to take photographs inside the Roman Baths (and I'm one of those outdated individuals without internet on their mobiles), so we didn't bother paying to go in any attractions and just wandered around for a few hours. The Abbey was also closed until 5pm, which we had to be back in Cardiff before, so I couldn't get any shots of the interior. 

I think we were both a little underwhelmed to some degree. But I wasn't wholly disappointed, as I just expected pretty buildings (of which there were a few) but notably there was excrement everywhere. Cardiff is extremely clean, so this was a little bit... for a well known tourist area, I thought they could have done better. 

That aside, the buildings were really beautiful. 

Passing Newport.

Views from the train.

We went into a church selling extremely overpriced tea. They were playing lovely music, and it felt very ethereal.

I no longer remember what the whole sentence was, but this little church also had statues going through/sticking out of a glass panel instead of door handles.

View from the bridge leading to the river walk.

Hydrangeas in Bute Park.

Have you Stitchearts been travelling recently? :)

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