Fleshmaiden Make Up

Since I didn't want to get out of the loop of doing videos, I've finally got around to doing another make up look mid reading which was themed around the Fleshmaiden dress from Alice: Madness Returns. The accompanying video was a bit of an experiment since the webcam is in storage somewhere, and I had nowhere to put my phone so that it was directly in front of me (which, amazingly, does better quality recordings than the camera). However, the result was a (mostly) non stop progression of me doing a make up which I'm fairly happy with.

I also uploaded a video onto my channel documenting my current collection of art, which wasn't fantastic quality but I liked going through all my sketchbooks  and finding work I'd forgotten about :D 

The only thing edited in the finished uploads of the make up you can see, is the white eye. More uploads coming soon! Well, definitely a clown one has to happen soon, it's been too long!

Have you Stitchearts done any make up looks recently? :)

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