Manchester Comic Con 2014 & Alice: Madness Returns Steamdress Cosplay

Wow, this week has been over in a flash - and been primarily about cosplay, artistic creation and planning. I've been working away on another cosplay project that I shan't mention yet, which I will periodically do updates of on Instagram (@twistedtheclown).

I'd done a semi Steamdress cosplay back in December but never really took any proper photos (nor did I do any sort of contouring make up etc). So for this year's Manchester MCM Expo I decided to do the Steamdress look all over again. The only thing I would change about this is, perhaps wearing a wig again, but definitely wearing striped leggings/tights over socks.

Contouring make up for the Steamdress.

My mouth looks different on this one as I retouched my make up to take photos in the garden. Alice has a differently shaped mouth than me, with smaller lips... think I will attempt this make up again for accuracy. I was too tired to do my absolute best, but I was quite happy with the eyes. Only, I couldn't wear contacts this time (eyes have been a no go zone for quite a few months due to allergies).

Given the insane thunderstorms, barely anyone based in Manchester had any sleep, so I apologise to anyone I (tried to) interacted with, or missed taking a photograph of - you all looked stunning.

Manchester MCM Expo was, as usual, very crowded, very hot, not obvious where the main events/signings are taking place unless you have a good idea how to find them prior to the day, but lots of cute stalls and many amazing costumes to be seen. Compared to last year, we managed to get entry in no time at all thanks to pre-booking tickets online - so I'd highly recommend this.

There were plenty of Alices I saw there (who were all incredibly lovely!), and one lady who recognised me from Doncaster that makes all her own props. Seeing giant hobby horses makes me very happy. I especially loved the Royal Suit Alice cosplayer's Eyepot - she told me it had been commissioned off someone from Etsy but I didn't remember the name!

Ice King!

Royal Suit and Steamdress.

Gogo Yubari!

Jeff the Killer


I also did a small freak at one of the Paige cosplayers when we were about to leave (there were a couple that day). 
(Apologies to the others in this group that I didn't take individually, too tired and my brain was all blehy/non functioning :( )

Haul from today's outing is some Puccho grape chews and a Haunter cushion! I was more than a little bit tempted to get one of those pastel llamas in violet, but I decided to wait until next time. I also saw a Splicer mask from Bioshock and a few other awesome props, but resolved to make my own versions instead at some point. (Indeed, I do have a few Bioshock cosplays on the back burner!)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Stitchearts, have you been to any conventions lately? 

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