20AweThRiNo (August 2014)

Ahh, it's nearly September! I'm sadly out of the loop doing 20AweThRiNo's due to being too busy, which is a real shame since I have so many awesome things to be grateful for. But never mind that, this month's! 

As I write, I'm currently editing some photography from my trip to Italy this week (Venice and Verona, was absolutely stunning and I can't wait to return!). Tomorrow I'm out adventuring again, but hopefully I'll have at least a couple of images up tonight on the Abinormal Photography page.

  1. Having bought things with the word 'Doge' in them just as an excuse to yell 'doge'. 
  2. Pink lemonade
  3. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music (seriously, her songs make me burst into smiles, listen to them)
  4. Rob Zombie's upcoming film which looks absolutely amazing
  5. Sweet messages from my wonderful, wonderful followers (ily)
  6. Early morning car rides, and seeing misty fields.
  7. Awesome people who let me cuddle their Cavalier King Charles spaniels.
  8. TBM releasing a new album (also Imogen Heap has also released a new album, finally)
  9. Planning exciting things and collabs. 
  10. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.
  11. Picking up German again (ready for when we visit). Once I get fluent enough I will record videos. 
  12. One of my all time favourite villains, Jack of Blades. TLC Jack will always remain a badass. 
  13. Breakcore with opera involved.
  14. Random people complimenting me while out adventuring, despite looking really grumpy/tired.
  15. Singing really loudly. This never gets any less therapeutic, so obviously you need to sing Britney.
  16. New masquerade masks. 
  17. Melonade (there's a pattern!)
  18. Having something of a wardrobe clearout, and devising new fashions.
  19. Black knee high combat boots
  20. The new Silent Hill game. 

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