"Flies Taste With Their Feet" & Recent Make Up

Monday morning make up time! This look, Peggy the Clown, was very faintly inspired by the lovely Kyary Pamyu-Pamyu's creepy cute make up (who I've absolutely fallen in love with). Mostly this look sprang from my own desire to paint my face completely striped. 
"Very unusual" was the verdict at HQ. 

The more simple makeup of the week was Mairon the Admirable/Fire Dragon inspired.

"Flies Taste With Their Feet" uncensored versions. 
I uploaded this available to buy as a duvet for someone who requested that, on Redbubble. I've tried to make all my artwork as available as possible (I need to take better quality images yet) in prints.

I've had to start putting giant crazy watermarks on everything, as people have more regularly started liftng/reposting my work as their own. I spend a lot of time and effort creating and promoting the art that I do, so if I catch anyone using my work unfairly - they'll have the wrath of a nightmare clown to deal with.
Please, please report thieves if you see them, or let me know about it.

On a  more positive note, my work (art + photography) will be featured in, and on the cover of Devove magazine which is exciting!

More makeups/art update coming later this week. What have you stitchearts been creating? :)

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