Japan Day (25.08.14)

Japan Day was a lot better and busier than I expected. It was far better mapped out and organised than Manchester MCM Expo, and there were several suites/rooms to alternate from for entertainment. Accompanying me today was new friend Ash, and M. Although we didn't end up going to the food stalls as it was too pricey, and they were no longer selling drinks from what I could see, when we got there.  

My outfit for the day.

Below is a selection of some of my favourite photos of the day, but I've put most up on Facebook so people can tag themselves/comment who they are :)

Tea ceremony. We also watched the drumming, some demonstrations involving a katana, the cosplay contest and Katsura Sunshine (I'm not much a fan of live comedy, but he was ok).

The only thing that upset me a little bit was during the cosplay contest. There were some incredibly catty comments being made (from both men and women) about the cosplayers.

Cosplay & conventions are meant to have a fun and friendly atmosphere, it's a celebration of common interests.  If someone has the confidence to be up on stage, or the ability to create their own costumes to any level - it's a great thing. If someone likes/enjoys being a character, is all that matters, not how much they know or how accurate they can make a costume. Creativity and dressing up are two of my favourite things in the whole world, and regardless of what ability people do it at, it's awesome to see.

With that, this might be the last blog post for a little while as I'm away travelling! ^_^

Cannot believe how fun packed August has been this year. I also received the sweetest message the other day encouraging me to keep up what I do + my clownliness, and it made my day. Thank you to that person. People are making me smile so much lately, and it's the best! Thank you all my supporters and friends for being mega sweethearts.

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