Prestatyn Wanderings

It had been too long since I went up a gigantic hill. Therefore the other day, we ended up adventuring up one in Prestatyn.

Initially, a good friend and I were supposed to be visiting some castle ruins in Flint (which we will return to do at some point) but there wasn't an awful lot else to do there. Further afield was Prestatyn, so myself & A went for a day of trekking around after I saw a giant hill in the distance and said, "we should climb it".

Journey there.

Quote "you look like you're in Borneo". 


Before heading off back home we ended up having a picnic by the beach (thankfully the weather was really sunny unlike back at home). The building A spied from the top of the hill turned out to be, pretty boringly, a hotel along the beach walk.  

Been exploring anywhere recently, Stitchearts?

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