The Nightmare King Silhouette & Basic Harley Quinn Make Up

Second Pitch Black fanart done. This one actually took me a very long time as I kept working on it at different points over the last year. I had an idea, to make a silhouette of Pitch's head entirely out of Nightmares (Pitch's horses in ROTG are called nightmares!! Cute, yes?) and so here is one of many creative visions finally visualised after stupid amounts of late night linework.

And below, you can see it in various stages of completion (first pencil & watercolour, then pen & colour pencils, then edited on Photoshop)

What I also did today (or yesterday, rather, since I'm writing this in the wee hours) is a basic Harley Quinn make up. Did make a video alongside it just to briefly show different stages in progress and show off how it/I looked IRL. Kind of wanting to find an alternative to my webcam to make better make up videos/daily updates in future, so stay tuned for better quality stuff soon. 


What creative work have you Stitchearts been doing recently? :)

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